Entry #4

"The Fireflower" -- LEGO Super Mario 3 airship replica!

2012-02-20 19:14:59 by von-Brunk

It's here at last: My giant 8,000-piece replica of a Super Mario Bros. 3 airship, that has wiring for lights and sound! This titanic brute spans across a 6' table, and has been in production gradually for the past few months. The photo session was taken just recently by my friend Roz, and with any luck, we can get this bad boy put on display in a public art gallery in SoHo, NY!

Feel free to share these links with everyone:

Original Tumblr blog post

On the MOC site

Also, stay tuned for another geeky LEGO/Nintendo crossover: a replica GameBoy that transforms into a robot like Soundwave!



"The Fireflower" -- LEGO Super Mario 3 airship replica!


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2012-02-20 21:21:27

I love legos, this is amazing! I wish I had money to buy a billion pieces and make stuff like this.
Good job!


2012-02-20 21:23:43

100 percent amazing as always, and I think you should do a stop-motion short some time.


2012-02-21 10:21:41

That certainly doesn't look like 8,000 pieces. But nonetheless, exaggerations aside I do appreciate the amount of SNOT in this as well as accuracy to the level.

I really like the way you made the Bullet Bills. Nice use for droid arms as something other than droid arms. Looking back now, though, are they the NinjaGo skeleton arms?

von-Brunk responds:

The floors and sides are several layers thick of parts, including reinforcement, Technic pieces for the inner skeleton, the tiled floors/walls, the clear stanchions to create the effect of flight, and Technic rods inside each of the 2x2 "logs" to act as ReBar. I tallied up every type of piece used in its construction, and although I didn't add up the final numbers at the time of the photo session, the basic total was over 8,000. If I truly add up each number, I'm sure I'd get well over 10,000, as there are parts I didn't factor in yet. For the color reddish brown, there are over 6,000 pieces alone, according to my parts records. And yes, the Bullet Bill arms are from NinjaGo.


2012-02-22 04:21:28

Good one, when I was a kid , I used to play with elgo a lot, It was my only toy. But all of my legos burned, now I got some, like one box, but still sometimes when I am stoned and got nothing to do and I found those legos, I love to make something. But yeah it isn`t so much fun like when I was younger.
Still, good job. maybe u got other pics ?

(Updated ) von-Brunk responds:

Yes, I have plenty of pictures of previous projects -- such as Cthulu, "Pink Floyd: The Wall", G-Gundam, Ghostbusters, WWF and more:


Show all of your friends!


2012-02-22 19:04:24

Ah, well, my mistake then. But yes, those NinjaGo arms will definately come in handy for this sort of thing. Nice to find another true FOL on NG, as opposed to those tards who say "herp derp look imma make a rainbow warrior laygoez are so cool."

Any chance you're active on any LEGO fansites? I.E. Classic-Castle, Eurobricks, etc?

von-Brunk responds:

Yes! I recently started an account at MOCpages, albeit my projects there are pretty much minimal -- most of my work is available on Tumblr and Facebook alone. I did also just join Instructables a few days ago, and simply from uploading my transforming NES Zapper robot, I achieved a front page slot and a free premium membership, just for dazzling the site's editors!

87153 - MOC Pages

http://www.instructables.com/memb er/Baron+von+Brunk/

On Tumblr, I have all of my work dating back to 2008: http://vonbrunk.tumblr.com/

I'm probably going to join more fansites soon in order to promote this ship; hopefully, with enough attention and recognition, I can get my own New York art exhibit as planned.


2012-02-29 13:30:34

I saw this on Kotaku and My mouth dropped. Excellent job! And I love all the other nintendo lego creations you have done!