"The Fireflower" -- LEGO Super Mario 3 airship replica!

2012-02-20 19:14:59 by von-Brunk

It's here at last: My giant 8,000-piece replica of a Super Mario Bros. 3 airship, that has wiring for lights and sound! This titanic brute spans across a 6' table, and has been in production gradually for the past few months. The photo session was taken just recently by my friend Roz, and with any luck, we can get this bad boy put on display in a public art gallery in SoHo, NY!

Feel free to share these links with everyone:

Original Tumblr blog post

On the MOC site

Also, stay tuned for another geeky LEGO/Nintendo crossover: a replica GameBoy that transforms into a robot like Soundwave!



"The Fireflower" -- LEGO Super Mario 3 airship replica!

Baron von Brunk is back!

2011-09-11 23:42:46 by von-Brunk

Howdy, folks!

Baron von Brunk here to tell you all that I am in fact still alive and productive, despite over two years without a new Flash animation. I've spent quite a lot of time and effort in my adult years as a professional graphic designer, therefore not having much time to crank out as many web toons as I did in 2005. I did in fact completely renovate Baronvonbrunk.com with a new layout and infrastructure, as well as major layout overhauls for the BVB LEGO Page, made a new Beard of the Week Feature, and most importantly, created a new Facebook fan page!

For those of you who's missed me or forgotten that I still exist, here's what you need to know:

* I now live in New York City
* I'm employed as a graphic designer and product developer and second-in-command to a new electronics company in Midtown Manhattan
* My office is directly across from the Empire State Building
* I'm a union television actor, and I've done minor background work on Blue Bloods, Nurse Jackie, The Good Wife, Bored to Death and a commercial or two
* I now have five tattoos; 1.5 of them is a diagram of a LEGO Futuron minifig, and the others are from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
* Tiggs is deceased
* I'm still single, however, I've been in-and-out of flings and minor relationships a lot
* I don't plan on moving back to Lancaster, in fact, when I earn a fortune with this new company, I'd like to purchase several acres of land and create a 1:1 scale replica of Kakariko Village for me to live in alone
* I've met several celebrities while living here. Most notably, I chatted briefly with Steve Buscemi, hung with Oderus Urungus of GWAR, and wore an offensive t-shirt that grossed out Carol Queen
* In order to succeed as a real paid artist, I've launched a completely serious website called Situs Julius to focus on my commercial talent
* I'm slowly working on an animated short film for the TriBeCa Film Festival

Baron von Brunk is back!

New LEGO Gundam project!

2008-05-23 16:27:36 by von-Brunk

Take a peek at my latest creation, a custom red & gray mobile suit! I call it the Gundam PA02, or "The Pennsylvania Zero-Two". The gatling gun mounted on his shoulder even rotates its barrels when the bullet carousel is turned!

http://www.baronvonbrunk.com/LEGO/LEGO home.html

This bad boy is heavy duty indeed!

New LEGO Gundam project!

Demonstration of the Dead.

2008-02-22 17:18:52 by von-Brunk

Howdy all! Have you heard about the new zombie flick I helped produce? No!? Well, check it out here on MySpace video...

http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseact ion=vids.individual&videoid=28652924

Please, if you're a MySpace user, I'd really appreciate it if you all logged in and voted "boo-yah" on the ratings system! It'll help out greatly, as it's part of George A. Romero's contest!

Demonstration of the Dead.